Just Launched the New Hoodie Finder

Tuesday, 9 February, 2010

To go along with the Jeans Finder search engine, where you can browse around and find the best pair of jeans to go with your t-shirts, I’ve just launched a new Hoodies Finder to help keep you warm on those chilly days.

With the Hoodies Finder you can browse multiple store’s current selections of hoodies for men, women, boys and girls. Fleece, zippered, or VOLCOM Refugee Womens pullover hoodie should be easier to find.

Hopefully everyone finds it helpful to find a hoodie and accessorize your favorite t-shirt.

Vintage Music Shirts

Sunday, 17 January, 2010
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Finding Plus Size Tee Shirts

Monday, 28 December, 2009

Not every t-shirt shop carries plus size tee’s. So finding a funny or clever shirt is sometimes hard to do when you are blessed with more girth than they average puny human.

I’ve compiled a short list of quality t-shirt shops where you can find every design in extra-large sizes from 2X to 6X. If you can’t find anything you like at these t-shirt shops then you are very hard to please. Very. Seek counseling about this issue. Please.

Here are the 5 plus size quality tee shops in order from the largest size available on down:

1.) Celebrate your big-ness with tee’s from Fat Guy Shirts with sizes up to 6X.


2.) This site probably has the largest online compendium of funny graphics you can slap onto a t-shirt out there. T-ShirtHumor is great for people of all sizes. If you are plus size, sizes go up to 5X.


3.) With sizes up to 5X who need’s to wear pants at BetterThanPants.


4.) BustedTees have some of the best t-shirts designs around. Plus they are always having some sort of sale going on. Sizes range up to 3X.


5.) SnorgTees is another great t-shirt site with lots of funny and or cool designs to choose from. Sizes range up to 3X.


So there you have it, five great sites with t-shirts plus sizes up to 6X. I hope everyone finds something they like.

Long Sleeved Tee Shirts are Cool

Sunday, 20 December, 2009

“Long Sleeved Tee Shirts are Cool” is what I hear the kids saying everyday hanging out at the mall. So it must be true. Even if you don’t share the same opinion, if you live somewhere with cooler weather, they are very useful to wear.

Regular short sleeve t-shirts are by far the dominant t-shirt variation. But coming in a far second are the long sleeve version. If you must have your arms totally covered there are some really good long sleeve t-shirt designs floating out there. But of course are harder to find.

Accessorize your Tee with Button Down Cotton Shirts

Thursday, 17 December, 2009

I’m far from being a fashion maven or even a guru. But if you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of person, adding a simple button down cotton shirt over top of your tee increases your sense of style by 200% to the opposite sex.

You don’t even have to button it up. Just let it hang loose on you. Or button it up so only the top of your t-shirt’s design pokes through. Then people will want to know what is under there.

The easiest choice is a simple plaid shirt over top your tee. For some reason plaid is always ‘in’. Maybe because the complex plaid design hypnotizes onlookers. Or you can make it go with anything? Who knows. The Scottish are genius, that’s all I know.

Well anyways, instead of wearing just t-shirts all week, layer up with another shirt over your t-shirt one day. The results may surprise you. Unless you are a Scottish genius.

Roxy Dynamic Button Down Shirt


Roxy Dynamic Button Down Shirt



QuikSilverEdition Palermo Button Down Shirt - Surf


QuikSilverEdition Palermo Button Down Shirt – Surf

$75.00  $68.99


QuikSilverEdition Rabbit Island Button Down Shirt - Cork


QuikSilverEdition Rabbit Island Button Down Shirt – Cork

$75.00  $68.99


Billabong Razorblade Button Down Shirt - Brown


Billabong Razorblade Button Down Shirt – Brown

$50.00  $45.95


Volcom Precise Button Down Shirt - Brown


Volcom Precise Button Down Shirt – Brown

$50.00  $45.99


Quiksilver Neck Punch Button Down Shirt - Blue


Quiksilver Neck Punch Button Down Shirt – Blue

$60.00  $54.99